Places to visit in Cuba, centers of tourist interest in Cuba


PLACES TO VISIT IN CUBA, centers of tourist interest in Cuba


In each province, the top menu you can see, besides the villas, the most characteristic of each site in detail in this seccioin limitarmos us to make a specific exposure


Bellamar Caves. - They are about 2 km extension visitable, crystalline formations and a variety of stalactites and stalagmites. The rooms to which is coming down and end inclear lakes.

Cave of Saturn. The attractiveness of this cave, which has a large vault with stalactites and stalagmites and you can bathe.

Montserrat. - It is a hill from which a magnificent view of the bay of Matanzas and especially Yumuri Valley gorgeous Yamury tour of the river. Admire the landscape.

Yumuri Valley, is only 3 km from Matanzas. It's like an escape from the reality of citiesand the stress of modern life. You can go by taxi, walking, cycling, etc.

Varadero is one of the best beaches in the world. The sand is coral and so hiswhiteness. There is sand (silica), but crushed coral (calcium carbonate) and warm and transparent waters of a turquoise green.

Coral Beach. - Wonderful beach 12 km from Matanzas with a tropical coral reef, has all kinds of water activities, diving also at very good prices and snorkeling.

Coral Beach front there is a heavenly lake, full of exotic birds, with boat service for your enjoyment, hiking, riding horses and donkeys, and exquisite Creole codida.

Beach city center. - In the Bay of Matanzas and joined to it by a narrow strait, is born a beautiful beach in the middle of the city, which is like a beautiful circular lake with a smallisthmus that joins the bay.

Walk along the river by boat Calimar. The river is flowing Calimar and quiet. Its shoreswith incredible tropical vegetation filled with exotic birds strangulation.